Success starts with the basics (3 of 3)

Persuasion is an art that, when mastered, will empower your students to connect with what you are teaching in ways you may never have dreamed possible. Aristotle, the master of this art, said that persuasion involves ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos is the credibility of the speaker, pathos is the emotional element, and last but …

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Success starts with the basics (2 of 3)

In my 50-plus years of teaching and consulting, I’ve learned that the art of persuasion and teaching are not mutually exclusive. Instead, persuasion is foundational to teaching. Whether I have a classroom of students or just one student, if I have not somehow used the art of persuasion, I have not succeeded. Aristotle made it …

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Success starts with the basics (1 of 3)

Yesterday I went to see my 7-year-old grandson display the basic horsemanship skills he had learned during a week of horse camp. I took my seat in the bleachers with my daughter and her two daughters, and we listened as the announcer gave commands and the campers obeyed: stopping their horses, turning them, riding sidesaddle, …

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Lest we Forget

Yesterday as my husband and I were driving with our dogs to our little place in the country, we were listening to the news. The reporter was talking about the numbers of people who would be driving this Memorial Day weekend and how many are foregoing trips because of the high cost of gas. He …

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Breaking Down Large Tasks and the Effect on Our Brain

When we, our kids, or any of us have a big project ahead, often the tendency is to procrastinate. We can easily justify to ourselves why we can’t get started. In my experience, I’ve often found my delay techniques almost become a habit. I can’t start today because…I need to do such and such before …

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Learning from Failure

I read this article today (link below), and thought you might also find it interesting. In many ways it ties in with the skills we teach through Victus. When we set our eyes on our mission, and when we pursue our goals and priorities, we begin to see that when we fail–yet still persevere, our …

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Buy one, get one free – HURRY!

For a limited time only, we are offering our Primary Grade Level One Victus Study Skills System Student Workbook and Teacher Supplement as a two-for-one offer. Buy the Student Workbook and we will include the Teacher Supplement at no cost. This offer will be available for a short time only, from midnight March 28 through …

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Another Way to Protect Our Youth

There is something heavy on my heart today that I want to share with you. Children who you might think would know better are joking about shooters. I personally know of a case in which 13-year-old students are facing suspension for joking in the school hallway about such matters. The recent tragedy in Florida is …

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United we Kneel

June 15, 2017 Our country has often been identified with the phrase “United we Stand,” yet at the beginning of the recent bipartisan Congressional baseball game we saw a different picture. The familiar hateful rhetoric between the parties was paused and quieted for a moment. It had been so horribly shocking the day before to …

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Begin Again

A long-time friend came by our Victus booth this past weekend at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Conference in Nashville, and I was surprised to see her at an out-of-town convention. She warmly and sincerely told me how much the blogs I write mean to her. Not only were her words encouraging, but in my …

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Female teacher helping student


“We were thrilled with the results of the Study Skills System. I didn’t realize that my daughter had never been taught how to study or how to use that knowledge to study smarter rather than harder. A great investment in your child’s educational journey!” Cathy Armstrong, Parent