Begin Again

A long-time friend came by our Victus booth this past weekend at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Conference in Nashville, and I was surprised to see her at an out-of-town convention. She warmly and sincerely told me how much the blogs I write mean to her. Not only were her words encouraging, but in my …

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Building on a Solid Foundation

Early in our daughter’s freshman year in college, her professor gave the students in her class an assignment to write an inquiry paper on the subject of their choosing. She had always been a good student, so she took the assignment seriously, did the work and turned in the paper. Expecting her usual high grade, …

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The Value of Vision

The other night I went to bed after praying with my husband for a pain to subside that I had been having for some time. The next morning, I awoke for the first time in four weeks to no pain. Amazed, I wondered if our prayer was stronger this time. Or could it be that …

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Priorities and Goals

My adult daughter and I were talking about Victus the other day. She is married and has three children ages three to eleven, so you can imagine the busyness in their home. We have often talked about how easy it is to become so busy you have no time for yourself. Such can be the …

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Dive In To Study Smarter

From the desk of Susan Ison, President A guest article by Victus Instructor Brooke Ballenger How well is your student swimming in the waters of study? Let’s imagine a new swimmer who gets into the water and paddles, struggling to stay afloat. He does not yet have knowledge of proper swimming techniques, and he becomes …

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Action Plans

A guest post by Victus Instructor Brooke Ballenger What steps do you take to write an action plan for the goals that you set in your life? Last month I wrote about the importance of reviewing the goals and objectives that your family has set for the summer, and why it is good to share …

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Smart Goals for Summer … part 2

A guest post by Victus Instructor Brooke Ballenger Last month I shared about setting goals and writing SMART objectives to help your family plan a productive summer full of learning opportunities. Teaching your children how to write down their goals, set objectives and write action plans is a life skill that will help them succeed …

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SMART Goals For Summer

A guest post by Victus Instructor Brooke Ballenger “How was your summer?” I always ask my students on the first day back to school. “Good!” many of them answer, but it’s the ones that answer, “Boring,” that surprise me every time. How could summer possibly be boring? Some students simply need a nudge in the …

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Is There a Better Way?

Our team at Victus is just home from an inspiring week at the MIDWEST Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. My son Rob, daughter Liz, and daughter-in-law Allie converged at the convention to represent Victus in the Curriculum Exhibit, and as they have shared with me the stories of students and parents they met, I am once …

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An Unpleasant Morning

What makes a day, a morning or an evening a pleasant one? With eight grandchildren on earth and one in heaven, and countless other children God brings into my presence daily, I can easily say that one thing that makes my days, mornings and evenings pleasant is the presence of children. I wonder if we …

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Female teacher helping student


“We were thrilled with the results of the Study Skills System. I didn’t realize that my daughter had never been taught how to study or how to use that knowledge to study smarter rather than harder. A great investment in your child’s educational journey!” Cathy Armstrong, Parent